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Telecom Application Transaction Processing Benchmark

The Telecommunication Application Transaction Processing (TATP) Benchmark is a open source workload designed specifically for high-throughput applications, well suited for in-memory database performance analysis and system comparison.

The TATP benchmark simulates a typical Home Location Register (HLR) database used by a mobile carrier. The HLR is an application mobile network operators use to store all relevant information about valid subscribers, including the mobile phone number, the services to which they have subscribed, access privileges, and the current location of the subscriber's handset. Every call to and from a mobile phone involves look ups against the HLRs of both parties, making it a perfect example of a demanding, high-throughput environment where the workloads are pertinent to all applications requiring extreme speed: telecommunications, financial services, gaming, event processing and alerting, reservation systems, and so on.

The benchmark generates a flooding load on a database server. This means that the load is generated up to the maximum throughput point that the server can sustain. The load is composed of pre-defined transactions run against a specified target database.

The benchmark uses four tables and a set of seven transactions that may be combined in different mixes. The most typical mix is a combination of 80% or read transactions and 20% of modification transactions.

The implementation of the TATP load generator is DBMS vendor agnostic. It has been successfully used with various makes of database systems.

TATP distribution package consist of the TATP load generator source code, example test configuration files, and SQL scripts that are useful to set up and use the Test Input and Result Database (TIRDB). Some platform-specific packages include ready-to-run binaries as well.


  • Simo Neuvonen
  • Antoni Wolski
  • Markku manner
  • Vilho Raatikka
You can reach the authors at tatpbenchmark-support@lists.sourceforge.net

TATP is distributed under Common Public License 1.0